Lawn Disease Fungus

Lawn Disease Fungus

Many diseases occur on turfgrasses in the Nashville and Franklin area and virtually all lawns will be infected with some type of lawn disease fungus.  Throughout Middle Tennessee the most common fungi or lawn diseases are: Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Leaf Spot.  The severity of damage and repeat occurrences can be controlled with fungicide treatments.  


Free water on leaves and grass blades with optimum temperatures create an environment for most fungi to cause disease and damage.  We live in an area where humidity plays a key role for spreading most fungi causing brown patch and leaf spot diseases.  Many times the symptoms and presence of a disease are thought to just be drought or heat stress, this is a very common and costly mistake.  It will not get better with additional watering, in fact, it could get much worse.  Summertime is when most fungus growth causes damage.


We recommend being proactive because the chances of getting a lawn disease in our area is very high.  Timing is very important when controlling a lawn disease.  No worries, we know exactly what to do and when to do it! A broad spectrum fungicide can control most fungus that cause lawn disease.  


If you are not on our summer preventive treatment plan we can treat when symptoms are first noticed, but we must identify and treat rapidly.  Many symptoms happen in the summer months and can be mistaken with the untrained eye to appear like drought or heat stress.  Damage done by lawn disease cannot be reversed, but we can stop the disease from spreading and help to rebuild turf.  We will be happy to identify, diagnose and treat your lawn if necessary.


Signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for:

  • Rapidly dying grasses in circular patterns
  • Lesions on the grass blades
  • Red or yellowing flecks causing your grass to look sick
  • White-to-gray, powdery growth that turn yellow and die

Lawn Disease Fungus

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