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Grubs are the larvae of several different species of Beetles. In our area the larvae of the Japanese beetle is by far the most common.  These c-shaped, fat, and light-colored (often white) with a distinct brown head can destroy a lawn if not properly controlled.


The best way to control grubs is to treat them when they are close to the surface, chewing on the roots of your grass.  Grubs can spend up to 10 months deep in the soil.  Timing and temperatures matter when you treat for grubs.  We know exactly what to do and when to do it!


The easiest way to control grubs is to be proactive.  Let us come out, diagnose and treat your lawn accordingly, if needed. This is cost effective rather than waiting for excessive damage that cannot be reversed.


Grub control Infestation Signs and Symptoms:

  • Wilting or gradual thinning of your turfgrass
  • Large dying areas that are loose from the roots
  • Damage from Moles or Skunks that dig and feed on Grubs
  • Yellowing or sick looking turfgrass


There are many Lawn Insects that can cause damage to your lawn. For example: Armyworms, Cutworms, Chinch bugs and Fire Ants are very common in Middle Tennessee just to name a few.  We can help you identify your pest and recommend a treatment to help your lawn recover.  A lot of the time pest symptoms can be mistaken for drought, heat stress or even pet waste.  We know exactly what and where to look to get an accurate identification.  Rapid identification is critical, give us a call if you suspect a pest problem and we will be out to diagnose as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours.)

Grub Control
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