Fertilization and Weed Control Services


Our custom 7 round treatment plan to keep your lawn green and weed free! Starting as low as $39 per treatment. Contact us today to get started.

Our fertilization and weed control services are designed to give the mowing homeowner or landscaper that may not be licensed, the option to mow themselves and have the lawn they have always wanted. We apply all the fertilizers, nutrients and broadleaf weed control needed without you having to mess with herbicides, sprayers or fertilizer spreaders. We also offer aeriation and overseeding to keep your lawn lush all year long.


Round #1 – Early Spring

Balanced slow release fertilizers are applied along with pre & post emergent weed control.


Round #2 – Late Spring

Balanced slow release fertilizers with Iron are applied along with pre & post emergent weed control


Round #3 – Early Summer

Balanced slow release fertilizers with added micronutrients are applied to prepare for summer heat. Weed control as needed.


Round #4 – Summer

Custom blended Macronutrients and Micronutrients are applied to help with the stresses of summer. Any remaining broadleaf weeds are spot treated on sight.


Round #5 – Early Fall

Depending on if you plan to aerate and overseed a custom balanced slow release fertilizer is applied and a pre or post emergent weed control may be applied.


Round #6 – Late Fall

A balanced slow release fertilizer with Iron is applied to prepare your turf for the colder months ahead.  Phosphorus is applied to younger seedlings to establish a healthy root system.


Round #7 – Early Winter

A very important round that ensures your turf has plenty of nutrients for the upcoming dormant months and promotes a very good green up in the upcoming spring. Weed control as needed.


You can start your lawn care treatment program for fertilization and weed control at any time of the year.

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Lawn Care

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